Variety for a stealth box

August 4, 2022

Is it possible to make an invisible grow box? So that it can be hidden in the bathroom of the most ordinary apartment or camouflaged under the computer system unit. This question interests many growers from countries where marijuana cultivation is forbidden by law, as well as those who simply do not want their neighbors to know about his experiments with cannabis.

Important components of a

stealth box:
For small grow boxes, it’s best

to use low-growing varieties. But if you really want to grow a particular strain which is not very compact you can try a growth limiting technique.

Not taller varieties
The autoflowering cannabis strains of the ryder variety developed by Joint Doctor in Canada are between 30cm and half a meter tall.

Diesel Ryder is an indica-dominant, fast growing but very aromatic strain.
Chronic Ryder is a vigorous, vigorous and abundant flowering variety.
Easy Ryder is a low-growing descendant of AK47 with a very intense scent.
Lowryder #2 is regular, good for growboxes, tolerant of low power light.
Betty Boo – both regular and feminized variants, very faintly scented during flowering.
What methods can be used in a stealth box:
Hydroponics – will allow you to “put down” roots in a convenient direction for the grower and save space by not having a large pot of potting soil.
Cloning – will allow the plant to flower immediately after rooting and produce a low-growing version of a variety that would have grown tall under normal conditions.
SOG allows you to grow the most plants in a small area.
SCROG – allows you to effectively control the growth of tall plants and grow them in small grow boxes.

Hiding plants is not easy, but it’s possible. In our store you can find strong and vigorous cannabis varieties of low growth with a dim and not intense scent.

A plant that can be grown at home. If possible, with as little scent as possible during growth and flowering.
Professional grow box or self-built grow box. It can be disguised as a computer system box, nightstand, chest of drawers or even a closet.
High-quality lighting.
Well-designed ventilation and air filtration system. Experienced growers advise to put filters down the drain.

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