Photoperiodic varieties for the outdoors

August 12, 2022

Photoperiodic cannabis seeds and medical marijuanas card ct https://dr-weedy.com/connecticut/ are an ideal option for growing outdoors. Photiks are full life cycle varieties, the growth process and transition from one phase to the next depends on light duration, day and night mode, after reducing the daylight hours to 12 hours.

In the outdoors, such strains show excellent results. Growing such hybrids outdoors in warm or moderate climates will not be a problem for the grower, and by choosing the right variety the grower will get a rich and high quality result. The most popular growers in the category of varieties for the open ground are considered to be the photic ones.

Psychotropic LSD from Barney’s Farm

Rusty is a descendant of outstanding parents. The carrier of the classic Skunk genetics with traits of oily Mazar in the open field LSD outdoors cultivar will reach 90-100 cm. it is possible that the plant will “grow out” up to 150 cm in height.

Culture loves light, so the place under the bed should be chosen carefully.

700 grams per m2 grover will get in the beginning of October.

It is worth noting that the impact of the hybrid is characterized by a creative rush, positive mood and euphoria. The 25% THC guarantees a prolonged effect.

Sweet Pineapple Slice

Pineapple Chunk is a photoperiodic cannabis variety suitable for indore and outdoors cultivation. The dominance of the indica genotype has made the plant stunted, dense, and vigorous. At the same time, the fruity and sweet strain has a high 25% THC content.

Outdoors, the plant is ready for harvesting as early as the last weeks of September. It is worth noting that the hybrid, in addition to stability and productivity, has a rich Stone effect. With every bite of “Pineapple Slice”, knockout waves of relaxation will roll over the grower.


When considering popular photoperiod varieties for the open field, Tutankhamon cannabis seeds are worth a close look.

The strain exhibits high-growth, amazing productivity and the strongest psychoactive effects.

Its quiet temperament combined with its high yield makes it a great option for commercial grovelling.

In the open ground, Tutankhamen reaches a height of up to 2 meters. At the same time, the culture will bring the gardener 500 – 1500 grams from each bush. Cones, dense, hard and oily, exuding a fruity with woody notes of the crop – surprising in size, large, even huge.


For cannabis growers who prefer to grow in the outdoors and try to hide the hobby, the photoperiodic Blue Mystic cidban Nirvana is ideal.

This strain is characterized by its compact size, low stature and original shade of leaves and buds. Depending on the weather conditions, the color of the bush varies from soft blue and even azure, to dark blue. Such an exotic plant, will unwittingly draw the eye, but will not arouse suspicion.

The fruity flavor, with pronounced berry motifs and a spicy aroma, spoils cannabis recipes and allows you to forget about everything unnecessary. At the same time, the classic Indie Stone, pulls you into a maelstrom of total relaxation and relaxation.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is the result of meticulous research by Green House Seeds.

Jack Herer has a yield of 1200 grams per plant outdoors. Harvesting should take place at the end of September. By this time the plant will form dense, even hard, oily and fragrant cones.

The culture feels great in the outdoors, plenty of light, heat and space will allow the grower to get an exceptional result without much time and effort, because the hybrid is unpretentious.

The effects of Jack Herer cannabis are sustained, strong and long lasting. In addition, it has a medicinal effect.

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