Aphrodisiac cannabis varieties

August 4, 2022

Some varieties of cannabis are powerful aphrodisiacs. They can prolong and increase the pleasure you experience during sex. Because of their effect, you become more sensitive, you eliminate inhibiting complexes, you become more concentrated and, as a result, your orgasm becomes brighter and lasts longer.

This effect of marijuana arises as a result of the release of oxytocin, the “molecule of love. This hormone has a positive effect on the sexual desire, stimulating its activation. As a result, psychological inhibitions and barriers are removed, which, together with an increased sensitivity, allow you to achieve unprecedented sensations.

It is worth keeping in mind that the effect of cannabis is unpredictable and depends a lot on the variety, the specific situation and the individual characteristics of the organism. But, as a rule, those couples who are open to getting new bright sensations and more pleasure get the desired effect. As for the marijuana itself, not all of its varieties are capable of causing the effects described above. This is due to their varying content of THC, CBD, CBN and other cannabinoids. It has been noticed that the overwhelming majority of cannabis aphrodisiacs are sativa-dominant varieties, due to their direct arousal effect on the brain.

A selection of the best cannabis aphrodisiacs

Arjan’s Strawberry Haze cannabis seeds are the original strawberry strain with a psychoactive effect for lovers of soft, relaxing bodily effects that turn off your complexes and spur you on. Great for lovemaking, socializing and creativity. Based on Northern Light #5, Kali Mist and Haze, it takes its look and scent from them. It grows tall and has long shoots. Taste and flavor reminiscent of strawberry jam. Good in both outdoors and indoors. Winner of the Green House V.I.S. Smoking Panel in 2005.

Pineapple Chunk Hemp Seeds is a feminized hybrid with aphrodisiac properties. It is the result of crossing Pineapple, Skunk#1 and Cheese. The plant forms a strong central cola with dense cones. The strain is resistant to disease and insects. Recommended for indor cultivation. Requires nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization during flowering. Smell predominantly Cheese, but with slightly detectable notes of Pineapple. The taste combines earthy notes with a pineapple aftertaste. The 25% THC content leads to a knockout punch and high. Holds long and steady.

Green Poison fem cannabis seeds are a proven aphrodisiac hybrid with a strong long lasting effect, perfect for an intimate date. This strain is easy to grow and is not afraid of high humidity or mildew. Growers will only need to support its side branches, as the harvest of dense resinous cones promises to be large. The plant looks like a small Christmas tree with snowflakes glistening on it. Green Poison gives off a spicy-sweet scent of tropical fruits during the flowering period. It leaves a honeyed, citrusy aftertaste with herbal overtones.

Viagrra fem speaks for itself. Especially created for making love, it creates a thrill and encourages experimentation. With a sweet and spicy taste of love. It gives off an aroma of relaxing pine needles. The lasting effect not only awakens “love molecules”, but also serves as a good antidepressant and encourages activity. “Viagra” is a capricious plant, which requires high-quality feeding and stable watering. The strain is a successor to the cannabis aphrodisiac variety Cinderella 69, which has been improved with Haze genes and the signature Mexican sativa.

Botafumeiros is the result of a long and careful breeding process based on Asian Haze and quality sativa genetic material. It has a flowering cycle of about 10 weeks, but the long growing season is made up for by the abundant yields. The plant can be up to 3 m tall, so SCROG is desirable for growers. Emits a spicy sandalwood scent with hints of anise and citrus. Has a sour-sweet taste with notes of citrus and wood. The effect brings your thoughts to order, brings a slight euphoria and a boost of energy. Can bring variety and new sensations to a fading intimate life.

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