The Cities In Our District

The 44th Congressional district is made up of the cities of Lynwood, South Gate, Willowbrook, Compton, Carson, Watts, Wilmington, San Pedro, Harbor Gateway.

About Michael

I was born in Lynwood and raised on E. 112th Street in Watts and in Compton with my grandparents.  My mother was a single mom that worked to support four boys on her own.  My story and that of so many others are found in Tupac's song "Dear Momma."  We were poor and she made miracles happen every Thanksgiving, Christmas, every day.  I know what it is to live in our communities, with friends in Lynwood, Compton, Watts and Willowbrook.   Family in Carson, a barber of 25 years in South Gate and attending elementary school there too, and walks on the cliffs in San Pedro and eating at Port o'Call our district, our communities needs a representative that understands and appreciates who we are.

My Inspiration

In June 1967 presidential candidate Senator Robert "Bobby" Kennedy, came to Watts to ask for and earn our votes. He was the last and I believe the only Presidential candidate to do so.  For decades the democratic party has been asking for our votes but we are immediately forgotten after each and every election.

Change is promised, the past is rehashed to solicit our votes.  But we see no change, because there is none brought to us.  Our votes have no voice.  We have had representatives but have been and are continually unserved, and unknown to them. 

Like Senator Robert F. Kennedy, I am actively going out into our communities to introduce myself.    I'm out talking to as many people as I can to share my story and why I am running.  I have been fortunate enough to inspire a small number of people who have never voted to register to vote.  This important and simple step was achieved by walking up and talking to the people in our neighborhoods, on the streets, in our parks at our stores.   The enthusiasm and support for my understanding  that I need to earn the vote instead of expecting it because my name has a "D" next to it on the ballot, has been appreciated by so many.

My Goal

I am running to not give back to the community but to bring inspiration to our community.



  • Primary Election June 7, 2016
  • General Election November 8, 2016